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Liip Smart Monitor

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Liip Smart Monitor

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199,00 EUR incl. VAT
Liip Smart Monitor
199,00 EUR incl. VAT
Liip Smart Monitor 199,00 € incl. VAT


Liip Smart Monitor - Smart Bracelet.

Winner of the KIND + JUGEND award for the best innovation of 2019

The Liip Smart Monitor bracelet is a revolutionary solution for caring for sick, not only the youngest, children. Its function will be appreciated especially by parents of children born prematurely or with chronic respiratory or heart problems. However, it can also be used to monitor the condition of sick children with a fever or children traveling in a seat, to which the parent does not have access and the possibility of control during the ride. The smart bracelet monitors the basic life functions of its wearer in real time, namely the heart rate and the amount of oxygen in the blood. The third monitored value is the temperature. Liip Smart Monitor was clinically tested and achieved 98% compliance with devices used in hospitals to monitor basic functions in young children. It is manufactured in Europe, is CE certified and meets all safety standards for products for infants and children. The smart bracelet, which also won the KIND + JUGEND award for the best innovation in 2019, is suitable for children from birth to about 7 years of age.


Key features of the Liip Smart Monitor bracelet

-A revolutionary solution for the care of sick young children

-The Liip Smart Monitor bracelet monitors pulse, blood oxygenation and temperature in real time

-It measures by means of electromagnetic radiation

-It can be attached to the wrist or ankle with hypoallergenic tape

-It sends the measured data via Bluetooth to a paired smart device

-Sends a notification if a problem occurs

-The Liip Smart Monitor bracelet has been clinically tested, is certified and meets safety standards

-Thanks to the tape in 3 sizes, the Liip Smart Monotir bracelet is suitable for children up to the age of 7

Package contents:
1 × Liip Smart Monitor
3 × tapes in different lengths

Warranty: 2 years

Real-time access to data on the child's most important life functions

Notification on your phone / tablet using the application

One device that measures all 3 basic functions

CE certified product