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Fisher-Price Playmat Premium M - Magic Forest / Animals

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Fisher-Price Playmat Premium M - Magic Forest / Animals

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159,00 EUR incl. VAT
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Fisher-Price Playmat Premium M - Magic Forest / Animals
159,00 EUR incl. VAT
Fisher-Price Playmat Premium M - Magic Forest / Animals 159,00 € incl. VAT


Limited edition Premium Mat in cooperation with Fisher-Price.

  • Mat dimensions: 130 x 190 x 1,2 cm (width x length x thickness)

The most durable of all. This is exactly what the Fisher-Price play mat from the Premium line is, which is perfect not only for children, but also for parents who plan to gradually enlarge their family. Premium pad is made of high quality non-harming PVC material, which has a lifespan of up to an incredible 10 years. All the while, you can count on the pad to provide a soft, safe and healthy play area for your children. Thanks to a special broken layer on the surface, it absorbs shocks and acts against fatigue, too. Its great benefit is also that it does not shrink, even after rolling and storage. Even after years, it will still be like new.


The Premium mat, made of extremely durable PVC material, is harmless and hypoallergenic. It is resistant not only to shocks, but also to water and dirt, thanks to which it is easy to clean. On both sides, it shows educational topics and popular characters that attract the attention of children, educate them and at the same time create a pleasant environment for them to play. Thanks to the prevention of wrinkling, it remains stable in shape and without creases even after rolling or storage. It is suitable from birth.

Advantages of the Fisher-Price premium mat

Made of high-quality PVC material

Thanks to the durable PVC foam, the pad provides the child with safety and comfort during his games.

Resistant to water and damage

The material of the pad is playfully resistant to fluids and damage, so it will serve you well for many years.

Perfect protection

The Fisher-Price Premium mat perfectly protects the child from the floor in the summer and winter months.


The pad from Fisher-Price is completely safe. It is made of non-harming and hypoallergenic material.