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Mini Micro Classic scooter - Orange

Rated by 3 customers

Mini Micro Classic scooter - Orange

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66,00 EUR incl. VAT
Mini Micro Classic scooter - Orange
66,00 EUR incl. VAT
Mini Micro Classic scooter - Orange 66,00 € incl. VAT


The Mini Micro three-wheel scooter is a great gift for active preschoolers. It's light, helps to develop balance and movement coordination, and can be used from two years of age. It's unique because it's turned by weight transfer and by tilting the steering rod. Children quickly and intuitively learn to steer the scooter, so they can immediately start to discover the world with it. Careful parents will certainly appreciate the fact that the scooter was designed by renowned engineers with the help of Swiss medical experts.


  • Wheels: 120 mm / 80 mm, PU 87 hardness A
  • Wheel width: 24 mm
  • Handlebar height: 67 cm (from ground)
  • Handlebar width: 26 cm
  • Board length: 33 cm 30 cm
  • Board width: 11 cm
  • Board height: 5.5 cm (from ground)
  • Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Load capacity: max. 20 kg
  • Dimensions: 595 x 145 x 245 mm
  • Age: from 2 years

Benefits of the Micro scooter

Special control mechanism

With easy tilting of the steering rod and weight transfer, the scooter turns to the sides, making it feel like surfing when riding it.

It's produced in Switzerland and Germany

The Micro scooters are created in collaboration with renowned engineers, designers, and qualified experts from Germany and Switzerland.

It helps to develop balance and movement coordination

The scooter helps to improve balance and develop movement coordination. At the same time it provides sufficient stability.

It meets strict safety standards

Each Micro scooter meets strict safety standards. The Maxi Micro Deluxe series is certified by the German association TÜV-GS.

About the brand

Micro Mobility Systems Ltd, known as Micro, has been operating in Switzerland since 1999. It focuses primarily on urban mobility, which it wants to improve by producing innovative scooters and even it own Microlino electric car. From the outset, the company has put great emphasis on the quality and safety of its products. The scooters are therefore designed and developed in Switzerland and Germany, always in collaboration with experienced engineers, designers, and qualified experts.